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B E E   W A D E -  F O U N D E R   🐝
Hello Gorgeous.

Meet Rebecca 'Bee' Wade, your Atlanta go-to Makeup Pro and the visionary Founder of Bee Wade Beauty. Revered by many as the queen of Elevated Natural Glam, her mission and signature lie in enhancing your God-given beauty. Eleven years ago, makeup found Rebecca during a pivotal time in her life. At 22 years old, she embarked on her journey as a new mom to her first son, Noah. Like most new mothers, Rebecca grappled with settling into her new role.

In her quest to rediscover herself, she found solace in experimenting with makeup during Noah's nap time. Though she may cringe at the memories of her early attempts, back then, no one could dissuade her. Each day, Noah (and shortly after, Simon) would wake up from his nap to find his mother adorned in full glam.

Makeup became her refuge, offering an escape from the challenges of her new routine. As she gazed into the mirror, she yearned to see beyond the identity of just a mom. Through this journey of self-care, she rekindled her sense of individuality outside the realm of motherhood. Little did she know that this simple act of nurturing herself would lead her to grace red carpets, dazzle runways, be present at movie premieres, and adorn TV sets. Working with esteemed clients such as Ne-Yo, Avery Sunshine, Angie Stone, SWV, Kelly Price, among others, she has been featured in a multitude of Essence articles and so much more.

Bee Wade Beauty emerged from Rebecca's heart—a haven for everyday women, created by an everyday woman. It embraces those who generously invest themselves in others but sometimes struggle to see themselves beyond the confines of their to-do lists. This brand is all about celebrating our time and comfort, with ease as the recurring theme in the array of products to come.

A moment of self-care charted the course of Rebecca's dreams and connected her with her true purpose. Now she challenges you: where would a moment of self-care lead you? Take a pause, GET GLAM (who says you need somewhere to go?), and rediscover the baddie that resides within you. Follow & Tag Bee Wade Beauty in your beautiful photos, as you step into the world with renewed confidence and radiance.

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